Mother’s Day Gift Guide: I Want You To Know Me…Love, Mom ~Review~

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“I want them to know me. Why? They’ll know who they are because they are a part of me, and even though years and years will go by, they’ll never forget me and we’ll always be connected.”
Shelly Reklaitis
As cancer ravished her body, a young mother searched for a way her children could still feel connected to her when she was no longer a part of their daily lives and their little memories of her had faded. She wanted a way to connect with them because they would know the many characteristics and personal preferences they shared.

With Shelly as the inspiration, the I Want You To Know Me … Love, Mom & Dad book was written to make it possible for her and all Moms and Dads to create forever connections with their children.

~Vickie Mullins, Author of the I Want You To Know Me book series

There are 8 different books in the I Want You To Know Me series including “Love, Mom”, “Love, Dad”, “Love, Grandma” and “Love, Grandpa”.  Each book has more than 125 questions that will spark memories and help us to keep our loved one in our hearts.  Some of my favorite questions are “What are you afraid of?” and “What makes you laugh?”.  There are very simple questions like “Are you a heavy or light sleeper?” and “Have you ever done a flip off a diving board?”.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to review I Want You To Know Me…Love, Mom.  I chose this book for my gift guide because it is such a simple, beautiful way for a mother to communicate herself–her likes, dislikes, quirks, what she looks like–to her children.  I imagine giving this book to my children years down the road when my skin is wrinkled, my hair gray, and my hobbies as exciting as sitting on my front porch rocking the day away.

A great part of knowing ourselves is knowing where and from whom we come from.  The I Want You to Know Me series gives us the tools to tell our loved ones who we are.  These books are a wonderful way to preserve memories or simply to say, I love you.  I plan on purchasing the grandparents editions of the books for each of my children’s grandparents!

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You can purchase I Want You To Know Me…Love, Mom for $14.95.  The author has graciously offered my readers a code for Free Shipping!  Use Code: mom  at checkout.

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