Mother’s Day Gift Guide: A Gift Basket for Flavor Cravers ~Review~

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Sometimes you just get a flavor craving, and you go through the pantry eating anything you can think of, but still the craving remains.  Sound familiar?  This happens to me frequently.  Well, here is a gift idea for the flavor cravin’ mom in your life. carries Wrigleys Gum Gift Baskets.
Aside from tasting yummy, chewing gum may actually reduce stress and tension, what mom couldn’t use a bit of stress reduction?  Wrigley’s Gum Gift Baskets would be a great gift for mom (or dad, but I’m not supposed to be talking about Father’s Day yet. :), aunt, or grandma.  This is could also be perfect if you’re looking for a gift for the kids to get.
I am not a gum chewer, but my mom practically lives on the stuff so I thought it would be fun to send her a Wrigley’s Gum Basket.  I can’t comment on the presentation of the basket, because I was several states away when it was opened, but I know that it was a hit!  My mom loves the minty flavors, and you can bet my brothers and sisters pilfered the rest of the fruity goodness.
There are 2 gift basket options.  The larger size comes with everything pictured and is priced at $34.99. The smaller “Fun Gum Gift Box” is $24.99.  The baskets can also be requested in a sugar-free version. You can check out just what is included in the basket here.

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  1. Oh wow - what a neat idea! I'd love this - and yes, sometimes you just want a certain flavor.