For an Emotionally Nourishing Mother’s Day: Teamotions Tea ~ Review ~

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Teamotions is more than a tea company; it’s part of my personal journey. In 2008, I lost my twin daughters just days after they were born. Struggling to cope, I found solace in tea.

One day my sister Crystal said, “I wish there was something I could put in your tea to make you feel better.” Knowing nothing like that existed, we decided to create it. Our handcrafted teas are blended with fine herbs and botanicals that have the ability to support emotional wellbeing, transforming a simple cup of tea into a truly healing experience.
Our goal is to bring back into focus the inherent human need for emotional health and wellness. Tea is our chosen vessel, our means of reaching out to others in a tangible way to express something intangible; our genuine care for their emotional well-being. It is our belief that a meaningful existence is impossible without emotional wellness…

We hope our teas inspire you to achieve clarity, discover joy, seek peace, have hope, enjoy rest and find strength in all you do.

Rachel Crawford & Crystal Tenpenny, Founders

Teamotions is a line of handcrafted tea blended with fine herbs and botanicals designed to foster and support emotional health.  There are 6 varieties, each a unique blend to help you achieve a certain aspect of emotional well being.  You can clear and calm your mind with Vanilla Earl Grey Achieve Clarity.  You can Seek Peace with Rooibos Coconut Chai.  You can Find Strength in Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea.  With Teamotions you can give your mom (or yourself) the gift of renewed emotional wellness.

Enjoy Rest

Though I don’t drink caffeinated varieties of tea, I love a good herbal tea.  I received the Apple Cinnamon Chamomile Enjoy Rest tea. This tea is made with chamomile, rooibos, green rooibos, orange peel, ashwagandha, cinnamon, and other natural flavors.  The chamomile in the tea promotes rest and relaxation while the naturally caffeine free rooibos is full of sleep inducing and body supporting vitamins and minerals.  (Chamomile also has anti-inflamatory benefits and can soothe stomach cramps and irritated digestive tract lining–great for those with food intolerance issues)  Enjoy Rest can also be used for babies to help calm colic or an irritated tummy.

Chamomile is hands down my favorite herbal tea, and Enjoy Rest certainly did not disappoint.  The taste was so smooth; not at all bitter as some teas can be.  The orange peel gave it the gentlest hint of citrus.  This is by far the best herbal tea I’ve ever had!  It’s no wonder Enjoy Rest won 1st place in the North American Tea Championship.  The first time I drank Enjoy Rest I was on my computer working typing up an article.  I do not advise this!  I think you could go with the standard, “do not operate heavy machinery, do not drive a car” etc. while under the influence of Enjoy Rest. This stuff does what it says it does.  After sipping about half my cup my body was so relaxed.  If you’ve ever meditated think of how it feels when you are so totally relaxed that you are not even aware of your limbs anymore.  Enjoy Rest provides deep relaxation with healthful herbal benefits–perfect for mom’s who need to take a minute and enjoy some relaxation.

Buy It:
Each flavor comes in your choice of loose leaf tin or 15 cornsilk pyramid sachets and cost $12.95.  Use the code SAVVY at checkout for an additional 20% off.  If you love a great tea you’re not going to beat that price! Visit

Disclosure: I was provided with the above mentioned tea by Teamotions at no charge to myself in order to facilitate a review.  The opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.


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