Bye Bye Psychology Program, Air Force, Here We Come!

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After months (well, years really, if you count all of grad school) of wondering where we will go after our long sojourn here at Brigham Young University we finally know!  I am so excited!  But let me rewind and give you a little background before I tell my story.
The Husband is working on his PhD in Clinical Psychology.  It is a 5 year program, and we have been in for almost 4 long years.  In the 5th year the students do a year-long internship, much like a physician’s residency.  Well, last year The Husband heard about some available military internships.  He went to the info meeting and decided that, though the military offers far more perks for beginning psychologists than anywhere else, he could never be a military guy; it was just not for him.  He came home and told me all the wonderful advantages of military internships (i.e. job security, health benefits, time off, pay, etc.) and then told me that he just didn’t think he could be comfortable in that mold.  Nice–get a wife’s hopes up for a bright and comfortable future, and then dash them to pieces within a moment.
But, the idea was planted, and it began to grow.  When the time came to begin applying for internships earlier this school year he decided that he would go ahead and apply for some of the available Air Force slots.  He went through the grueling physical and endured request upon request for every single life document and medical record possible.  He submitted his Air Force internship applications alongside his other internship apps, and we waited.  He had his interviews, and then we waited some more.
Then came Feb. 25th–Match Day–the day all the internship applicants found out where they “matched”.  You see, although we got to rank our preferences we didn’t actually get to choose where we wanted to go.  That is why I am so grateful that we got to go to our preferred internship and our preferred physical location!  You want to know where we are going???  Here is a hint…
No, won’t be moving into the Alamo, but we will be moving to San Antonio!  Wahoo!  I’m so excited!  For the past week I’ve been looking up all the awesome things there are to do there.  I can’t wait!  It will be so fun, not to mention great to get away from the looong winters of Utah.
The Husband will be doing his 5th year internship at one of the Air Force Bases in San Antonio.  We will likely only be there for a year, but I plan on enjoying that year to the fullest!

Anyone here from or been to San Antonio?  If so what is your favorite thing to do in or around San Antonio.  Oh, and I’m also going to be looking for a good preschool.  Any suggestions?


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  1. Darlene Ysaguirre says
    Sounds like its going to be a fun year with lots to see and do enjoy =)
  2. Hi Amy, I stumbled across your post a few years later. I'm actually considering doing something quite similar. My background is in Psychology and Human Resources but I never took the full leap to my PHD or the AF. I would so love to pick your brain about your families experience if you would be willing. Hoping it turned out to be everything you were looking forward to. Julie