Not So Wordless Wednesday~Baby’s 1st Birthday!

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Well, this isn’t really going to be wordless because I kind of feel that I’ve been MIA on the blog for a while.  Not that I haven’t been posting anything lately, but I’ve had so much to post lately I feel like the blog has run off without me.
A lot has been going on recently!  Today (well, yesterday when you read this) is Little Brother’s 1st birthday!  Yay!  The Husband is out of town collecting data for his dissertation (that is another milestone!) so I celebrated by taking Little Brother to the Dr. for his 1 year check-up.  I always get a kick out of the percentile rankings they do and I wasn’t disappointed this time.  Little Brother is right in the 50th percentile for height, the 75th for weight, and the 100th for head circumference!  Now that’s a big noggin.
The Dr. also suggested we see an allergist for Little Brother’s food allergies, FINALLY!  I asked a different Ped. about it when I was breastfeeding because Little Brother was having such a hard time, but she just blew it off and said that it wouldn’t help because they are so inaccurate.  Now that he won’t be getting fortified formula, I’m not really sure what to feed him.  So next week we’ll visit the allergist and then a nutritionist after that.  Yay!
Tomorrow is The Husband’s birthday (he will still be out of town).  Yes, wasn’t that thoughtful of me to give my husband a son for his birthday last year?  I thought so too.
Back to the Baby’s Birthday (and, yes, I do call him “Baby”–well, it’s actually more like “Bebe”–occasionally).  My mother-in-law was awesome and made him rice cupcakes.  Not out of rice flour or anything.  They were literally rice…and Little Brother LOVED them.
That’s some good stuff!
Our serious little guy
In honor of this big life event we’ll be kicking off our “Baby’s 1st Birthday Bash” tomorrow!  There will be a giveaway a day for 7 days and on the 8th and final day there will be a prize pack worth over $100!  Grab the button on my side bar and spread the word among your friends for extra entries!

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  1. Yay! and double Yay!! For little brother.

    Happy birthday to him, and hubby, and I LOVE the pictures and the rice cupcakes :).
  2. Great stuff I hope I win... Thanks