Charlie Banana Sized Diaper – Review

Well, you’ve heard my raving reviews of the Charlie Banana swim diaper and leg warmers.  Now you get to hear what I think of the Charlie Banana sized diaper.  We were sent a Charlie Banana diaper in black.  The Charlie Banana sized diaper comes with 2 washable microfiber terry inserts, but is designed to be used as a hybrid diaper, meaning you can use either disposable inserts or reusable inserts. When using a washable insert you simply stuff in in the microfleece like a traditional pocket diaper.  When using a disposable insert you tuck the front end of the insert under the front flap of microfleece.

Hybrid option with a Charlie Banana Disposable insert.

I’m not really big on using disposable inserts with my cloth diapers, but I thought I’d give them a go anyway.  Upon removing them from the package I noticed how stiff they were.  I was very dubious that Little Brother would like having the disposable insert against his bum.  Oh, well, on it went.  When it came time to change the diaper I was surprised at how much the insert had softened up.  Even the parts of the insert that were still dry were very soft.  The Charlie Banana disposable inserts are made of wood pulp and are 100% biodegradable so you can compost them.

I absolutely love this diaper with the cloth inserts!  We’ve had no leaking issues whatsoever.  Little Brother is now about 24 lbs. and wears a size Medium (15-30 lbs.) Charlie Banana diaper.  The elastic on the legs is very stretchy, not stiff like on some of my other diapers, and is perfect for Little Brother’s chunky legs.  The back waistband elastic is nice and wide thus preventing the diaper from fluffing up in the back.  There is a little bit of a learning curve with the leg snaps (well, as least there was for me), but I figured it out after a few diaper changes.  He has plenty of room left around the waist and is on the last leg snap.  I figure if his legs get any fatter we’ll just skip the leg snap. 🙂  The butt of the diaper fits quite well right now and still is pretty roomy.

Nice overall fit.


Excellent fit around the front!

Buy It:
You can purchase Charlie Banana Products at major online retailers like, Babies R Us, and Target, or you can find other local retailers here.


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