GoGreen Pocket Diapers "The Champ" {Review}

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I’ve been on a quest recently to find an inexpensive yet high-quality cloth diaper to share with you all.  The start-up costs of cloth diapering can be staggering if you purchase your whole stash at once and are spending $20+ per diaper–think around $400.  I once had a woman strike up a conversation with me as I changed my little guy’s CD in a public restroom.  She said that she had started to CD her youngest but then had to stop because it was just too expensive.  Well, it is really less expensive to CD your child than to buy disposables for a full two years, but many people have a hard time getting past the start-up costs.

This is why I was so excited, and astounded, when I found GoGreen diapers.  GoGreen makes high quality, one-size cloth diapers that retail from $8.99-$14.99.

What?!?!  A cloth diaper for $9!?  Yep, and it’s One Size so this baby (I mean the diaper) will last from birth to potty training.

I had a chance to review GoGreen’s newest creation, “The Champ”.  The Champ is a One Size AI2 diaper (see this post for definitions of AI2).  Here are some of The Champ’s features:

• two rows of waist snaps
• extra row of rise snaps
• waist tab overlap snaps
• double leg gusseting
• two pocket openings (no need to remove inserts before washing)
• two bamboo-microfiber blend 3-layer inserts included
• Snaps on inserts keep insert and diaper together in the wash (no sorting laundry!) and allow for optional AI2 use (liner recommended if your baby is sensitive to microfiber
• top stitching for added durability
• premium, glossy snaps
• soft bamboo-blend microsuede lining never pills and looks new after washing 

The Champ on the largest setting
The Champ on the newborn setting

Our experience with GoGreen’s The Champ:

I thought The Champ was an absolutely excellent diaper!  The cover is very soft material, the inner microsuede is strong and doesn’t pill.  I also like the option to use this diaper as an AI2 because it enables you to need fewer covers than the pocket diaper option.  It is not recommended, however, to put microfiber against baby’s skin so make sure you lay a layer of fleece on top to protect baby’s skin.  Little Brother has very sensitive skin so we always use an extra fleece liner with his all his CDs.  The inner leg gussets (just like a disposable diaper has to protect against leaks) did a great job containing messes.  The only thing that could be improved are the snaps.  Many of the snaps on the diaper we received were rather loose.  They weren’t loose enough that they’d come undone while Little Brother was wearing the diaper, but the sizing snaps would come undone in the wash.  The only time this would really pose a problem is if you have a toddler who likes to take off their diaper.

Here is Little Brother (about 23 lbs.) wearing the diaper on the third rise setting.

Great fit!  The waist snaps are color-coded so you never have to guess which snap to set the diaper to.


I discovered that the diaper hung open in the front a bit (thus leaking) using the prescribed settings.
Fixed it!  Looks a little skiwampus but the fit was much better.

I found that, size wise, the GoGreen Champ diaper was comparable to the BumGenius 4.0.  Because of the angle the pictures were taken at The Champ looks a bit bigger, but they are almost exactly the same size.  In the first picture both diapers are set to the newborn rise snaps.  The waist of The Champ was a tiny bit larger, the leg openings were about the same, and the length of the diapers were about the same.

In this picture both diapers are at their largest size.  They are the same length with similar leg openings.  Because of the additional waist snaps The Champ diaper will accommodate a baby with a much larger waist than the BumGenius 4.0.

Overall these are an excellent diaper with quality that rivals the more expensive brands!

Buy it!
You can purchase The Champ ($14.95) and GoGreen’s other pocket diapers ($8.99-$9.99) from GoGreen’s website.  GoGreen also carries wetbags, wipes, and inserts.

Disclosure: I was provided with a GoGreen Champ diaper at no charge in order to provide and accurate and honest review of the product.  The opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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