The Cutest Cardboard Kitchen! DIY

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I saw this in Disney’s Family Fun Magazine this month and just had to share it!  Grab those left over shipping boxes from Christmas and start having fun!  This craft is a sure hit.

Image Credit: Family Fun Magazine


  • 2 matching shipping boxes
  • Tape
  • Craft knife
  • Straight edge
  • Duct tape
  • Pizza box
  • Additional boxes
  • Rimmed plastic bowl
  • Soap dispenser pumps
  • Plastic bottle and jar caps
  • Bolt
  • Nut
  • Pillowcase
  • Double-sided carpet tape
  • Drawing of a pretty background
  • Permanent marker
  • Paper plates


  1. Base units. Seal two matching shipping boxes (ours are 18 inches square) with tape. Use a craft knife and straight edge to cut out rectangles (our cabinet opening is 14 inches square; the oven opening is 10 by 12 inches).
  2. Doors. For durability and clean lines, use duct tape to edge the cutout rectangles. Make a pair of cabinet doors by applying a tape strip down a rectangle’s center, then cutting through the strip. For sturdy hinges, apply tape strips oveerhanging the edges along the sides of the cabinet doors and the oven door’s bottom. Set the doors in place, then press the overhanging tape onto the base.
  3. Top units. Fold tape over the edges of a pizza box for the above-sink window and more boxes for the stove’s shelf unit. Attach the units with tape as shown in the picture.
  4. Sink and faucets. Set a rimmed plastic bowl into a round hole cut in the sink unit (it should be 1 inch smaller than the bowl’s diameter). Make holes for soapdispenser pumps.
  5. Knobs. Gather colorful plastic bottle and jar caps. Insert a long bolt through a hole in each cap and through the base. Secure the bolt inside with a nut.
  6. Curtains. For a no-sew window treatment, snip a pillowcase into a squared-off U. Secure the curtain with double-sided carpet tape along the top edge. Gather the side panels with ties and tape up a pretty view behind them.
  7. Burners. Use permanent marker to draw coils on paper plates, then attach them to the stove top with strips of carpet tape.
Crafters Tip. For knobs, choose caps with holes in them, such as the tops of spice jars or squeeze bottles of shampoo. You can also make a hole with a hammer and a nail. Take It Further. Think small when stocking the kitchen’s shelves: little cans of tomato paste, empty food boxes in compact sizes, plastic cups, and toy dishes and cookware. Add adhesive-backed hooks for dish towels or pot holders.To find this and other great family activities visit

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  1. The Thomas Family says
    Love it!
  3. Wow - that is impressive! This would be great in the basement! I just tossed the kid's cardboard box "bus" because it was falling apart.. time for a new project!
  4. Sue Hull says
    You did a great job! This would be great for my neices. They love to play cook all the time.Thanks for the directions.
  5. I really, really love this! We just moved, and I have a big stack of moving boxes that I have yet to put at the curb. I think I need to set a couple aside and give this a whirl. Thank you for the clear instructions, and the great idea!
  6. Mary Dailey says
    What a great project that even the kids would enjoy!
  7. This is awesome! My girls will love this and we have tons of boxes from moving. One more way to fight boredom while their toys are all scattered in boxes and bags.
  8. tracy simms says
    great idea..this would save us a lot on expensive toys for Christmas! thanks,
  9. sounds like fun! I would try to make it
  10. How adorable. I never would have thought about using the soap dispenser pumps.
  11. This is so cool. I actually made my neice a small stovetop out a box and she was so happy. Thanks again! :)