Charlie Banana Swim Diapers {Review}

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What can I say?  I LOVE the Charlie Banana swim diaper!  I received the blue Charlie Banana swim diaper in size Large.  This is the first swim diaper I’ve ever tried, but I love it nonetheless, and I’ll tell you why.  We first used this diaper on Little Brother when we went to the pool for family night.  Little Brother is 11 months and 23 lbs and the size large (21-27 lbs) swim diaper fit him very well, though I’d say they run a little big.  

The inside is lined with so soft organic cotton.  Even the waterproof outer is softer than I’ve seen on some other reusable swim diapers.  And the BIG reason why I love this diaper?  It has a really thin yet absorbent soaker pad to catch those little accidents.  One of the reasons I was afraid to try swim diapers is what if the baby decides to pee on the way to the pool?  With no absorbency like most reusable swim diapers have, you’re going to have pee running down your leg–I actually read a blog post about this very thing once!  The pad is the perfect absorbency for those little pees–I know because, what would you know but as soon as I put the swim diaper on Little Brother to take a picture, he peed (the swim diaper was literally only on him for a minute, the little stinker).  The inside of the diaper was quite wet and the outside, including his legs and my carpet, were completely dry!

What else do I love about this diaper?  It also fits Big Brother!  Big Brother is currently in swim lessons and is making great use of it.  (At our local pools the kids have to wear swim diapers til they are 4.)  Big Brother is 3 1/2 and is 33 lbs.  He’s very thin so I didn’t doubt it would fit over his bum, but the rise was perfect too.

I’d say it fits Big Brother better than Little Brother

Buy It!
You can purchase Charlie Banana Swim Diapers at
Charlie Banana Diapers and Swim Diapers can also be found at and various online cloth diaper retailers.  I found that the sizes are not listed on the major retailer sites so if you are planning on purchasing here is the swim diaper sizing: Small 11-18 lbs, Med. 16-21 lbs., Large 27-27 lbs.

Remember, Charlie Banana company donates 1% off all their sales to Operation Smile.  So you can be reassured in knowing that by purchasing Charlie Banana products you are helping change lives.

Disclosure: I received a swim diaper at no cost for review purposes.  The thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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  1. Is this the charlie banana swim diaper/ training pants?