Tragedy in Provo – Provo Tabernacle Fire

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This morning Utah lost one of it’s most beautiful and one of it’s oldest buildings.

Construction of the Provo Tabernacle began in 1883 and was completed in 1898.  It has hosted presidential visits, numerous church leaders, and the church services of many denominations.  Our family lives only four blocks from this wonderful structure.  It inspires wonder every time we walk or drive past it.

Taken shortly after it’s completion


Provo Tabernacle Fire

This morning at 2:43 the the four alarm fire was reported.  When we walked over to see the tabernacle at 9 am the Tabernacle was still burning.

Provo Tabernacle fire from University Ave.


Provo Tabernacle fire 2 a
Provo Tabernacle Fire

It took the early Mormon settlers 15 years to build the Tabernacle.  It has since been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people.  My own family has attended church services and various performances over the years we’ve lived here.  Now in just a few short hours it is gone.


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  1. This is a tragedy! I'm SO SAD!! Such a beautiful edifice... *sniff*
    I'm a new follower...
  2. I just drove by (1 pm) and it's still burning. I was hoping for minimal damage considering it's a mostly brick building. I am so sad. It was such a beautiful building.
  3. Avery James Photography says
    Oh how horrible... :( :( I'm so sorry for the town's loss. :( :(
  4. So sad. It is/was such a beautiful building, was used so much by the community, and looks like a total loss. So sad.
  5. Thank you all for the sympathy. It is an interesting feeling to mourn for a building but it was such a big, beautiful part of our community. As of 5:30 this evening when my husband came home from work it was still burning. They have not yet been able to determine a cause and I don't know if they have determined whether or not the outer structure can be salvaged.
  6. Heavenly Savings says
    I receive LDS Church alerts on my facebook page and was alerted by it yesterday. It was devastating to read about. Thank you for sharing. Such a beautiful building…..
  7. So sad!
  8. Oh my. That is terrible.