How I scored $62.48 in products for just $28.48 from

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Beat this!  (Free toothpaste from CVS, though cool, doesn’t count for this one.)  
I’ve been in love with ever since I was….well, I won’t tell you exactly what I was shopping for that’s a little TMI.   Anyway, I love the site!  They take manufacturer coupons (you just have to send them in ahead of time), they carry a TON of products, and they hold regular sales on various brands. They offer free shipping on all orders $49+.  Plus, they reward you for telling your friends about their site!  You can earn $10 for each friend who signs up under your referral!  
Apparently didn’t think they were cool enough so they went and created for all your household and personal care needs. offers all the same cool benefits of except you get free shipping once your order hits $25.  Wanna know another awesome thing???  You can order $25 worth of stuff from and then add $10 (or however much) of stuff from onto that order and the stuff ships free with your order!  Cool, huh?
So here’s what I got…and it’s good stuff too!

1-Large little gPant……….$17.99
1-Cotton Babies Flannel wipes…$11.95
1-Method Foaming handwash…$3.99
1-Method Foaming Handwash refill pouch…..$5.99
1-Olay Daily Facials cleansing cloths…..$4.99
1-Olay Active Hydrating Cream…..$7.39
1-Olay Regenerist Micro-Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths…$6.69
1-Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner…..$3.49
Total:  $62.48
-$1.00 eCoupon for Olay Daily Facials cleansing cloths (on the site)
-$3.00 eCoupon for Olay Regenerist Micro-Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths (on the site)
-$10.00 from a Groupon I bought a couple months ago for $10 for $20 of products from

*Note: I know you’re thinking that you can’t get the same deal because you don’t have the groupon, but here’s where groupon sometimes gets you.  You can’t combine other offers with the groupon, meaning I couldn’t get any of the sale prices for the products because I was using my groupon.  If I had not used my groupon my total would have been only $2 more (because of great sale prices) than my total with the groupon.

-$20 referral credit. and make it super easy to refer friends.  If you don’t like sending emails to your friends about this stuff they’ll send you cards to hand out to your friends.

Actual amount paid: $28.48  (that is including what I paid for the groupon)

What do you think?  Just say it, I’m amazing!

If you haven’t already discovered the total AWESOMENESS of and you’ll just have to see for yourself what they are all about.  Oh, and to add to their awesomeness, if you are new to either store,  you can use the code THIR3755 and get 15% off your first order!


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  1. Nice job, Amy! I will have to check them out next time I need to make a diaper purchase or I guess house hold cleaner purchase. Man, that is a good deal.
  2. I love that Meathod soap. It's the only stuff I use and hard to find refills at Target sometimes. I also love the Seventh Generation cleaner. It smells nice (no ammonia fumes), good for the environment, and no streaks on glass! Send me a referral. I'm totally checking it out!