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If you’ve been following my blog for any time you probably remember my recent post on teaching babies to sign.  Following that post Signing Time, a company that produces wonderful products including videos, flash cards, and books to help teach your infant or child to sign, offered to do a giveaway with one of their Baby Signing Time videos.  If you read the giveaway post then you remember how much Big Brother loved his Baby Signing Time videos and how much he learned from them.
Signing Time was created when singer/songwriter Rachel Coleman and her husband found out their first daughter Leah (aged 14 months at the time) was profoundly deaf.  Rachel set aside her guitar and she and her husband worked to teach Leah ASL (American Sign Language) as fast as they could learn it.  When, at 18 months, Leah’s vocabulary far surpassed any of her hearing peers other parents began to take notice.
A few years later Rachel and her sister Emilie set out to create a short video that would give their friends and family a fun way to learn to sign with Leah. In May of 2002 the first volume of Signing Time! was completed, starring Rachel, 3-year-old Alex (Emilie’s son) and 5-year-old Leah. The response was overwhelming.  Signing Time quickly became recognized among parents as a wonderful source to teach infants and toddlers to communicate pre-verbally….
To read more about the inspiring start of Signing Time visit http://www.signingtime.com/aboutus/our-story/

One of the things I have enjoyed about Signing Time is that they have two different series of videos.  The original series: Signing Time is geared to ages 1-8.  These videos feature Rachel, the teacher, Alex & Leah (live actors).  The videos follow a pattern of sign introduction followed by a fun song incorporating the signs taught.  Here is one of my favorite videos from the original Signing Time Series.

The Baby Signing Time series is made for babies and toddlers ages 3months to 3 years.  In the Baby Singing Time series you’ll meet Rachel, the teacher, and cartoon Alex, Leah, and Hopkins (the frog).  Baby Signing Time follows a teaching pattern similar to the original Signing Time series.  Rachel introduces and teaches the sign, then the sign is demonstrated by infants and toddlers under 2 years.  Following this a group of signs that have been introduced and demonstrated are incorporated into a fun song.  Here is the first Signing Time video that Big Brother ever saw–it quickly became a favorite that we watched over and over again:

To learn more about the benefits of teaching your baby or toddler to sign visit: http://www.signingtime.com/faqs/benefits-of-signing/
To see Signing Time products:
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  1. Those are Rex's two favorite videos too. He comes to me at least a million times a day signing caterpillar, letting me know he wants to watch some YouTube signing time.