The sickies, new haircuts, and a great deal!

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We have had some nasty germs at our house lately.   We (meaning the little boys and I) have been sick for the past month!  We haven’t all been sick at the same time, but seriously, I’m getting a little cabin fever here.  We’ve had this nasty stomach virus that has a long incubation period followed by multiple days of sickness.  Little brother got it 8 days ago and still is only eating about 1/2 the amount he ate before he got sick.  Big Brother is getting over having it this weekend, but poor guy he now has the nasty cold I had too!  Thankfully, The Husband has been very busy submitting internship applications for next year so he hasn’t been home often enough to be overwhelmed by this onslaught of germs.

In our house when you are sick you get to watch movies all day, so Big Bro wasn’t too sad about being sick!

Despite the long lasting case of sickies we have managed to have fun.  The other night The Hubby gave Little Brother his first haircut. 

He went from this…
 To this….so cute!

I also got a haircut.  Not quite as exciting at a first haircut, but close.  I hadn’t had my haircut in a year!…I’m a lazy mom. 

I went from this…

To this….

In other news, Toys R Us is having a big sale on board games!  You can get Candyland and Chutes and Ladders for $1 each after $2 mail-in rebate.  I bought Candyland last year when it was on sale for a similar price, and I am so glad I did.  It is Big Brother’s favorite game!  Be advised: these games tend to sell out very quickly (particularly in the child-saturated area where I live) so go early!

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  1. I hope you're feeling better soon! Being sick is no fun... but I'm with Big Brother on that one, I love spending a whole day in my jammies watching movies. :)
  2. I love the haircuts! Yours is...dare I say...SAVVY. Oh, yeah.
    We have Candyland, but London has played with it so much all the cards are bent and the gingerbread guys have disappeared. We wound up using a Spongebob ring and a small pack of cards for place markers the last time we got it out. get her a new one or not...?
  3. Charla @ Healthy Home Blog says
    The haircuts look great! Sorry you and your little guys have been sick! Hope your well for a long time now. :)
  4. Love the haircut! Must be a winter thing :) Thanks for stopping by!
  5. So sorry everyone is still sick. Hopefully it will clear out of your house soon. Little Brother is so cute with his haircut (he was adorable before too), makes him look so much older. I love your hair cut too, looks great!