Save Big on Charlie Banana Diapers at Zulily!

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 Charlie Banana is a new brand that I’ve only recently heard of.  They are designed to be a hybrid diaper that can be used with flushable inserts or as a pocket diaper with reusable cloth inserts.  They are on sale at right now for $15.99 for the One Size diaper That is a very good price for a One Size! They also have their reusable cloth wipes on sale for $12.99 for a set of 10. 


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  1. Cool, I have never heard of that brand. That is a really good price for a one size.
  2. Why didn't they have these 30 years ago!
  3. Cloth wipes is a bit much for me. Do you really use those?
  4. Heather, I'm just starting to use cloth wipes. We've had a huge amount left over from Big Brother so I haven't needed new wipes yet. I just got my first set the other day (you can sew some really easily, but I'm not that cool)! I'm totally excited to switch from disposable wipes to cloth and here's why: 1) most cloth diapers have alcohol in them which is not good on Little Brother's skin. 2)When you use cloth diapers and disposable wipes you have to make an extra trip to the trash to throw an icky wipe away. With cloth you just toss the used wipe in the dirty dipe and throw them both in with the used diapers til wash time. Another plus with the cloth wipes is they are a lot thicker than a baby wipe. I haven't tried it yet, but a lot of people fold their cloth wipes just so and put them in a huggies baby wipe box with a little soap solution and you can pull them out just like a disposable wipe. Nice and convenient. After I've used the cloth for a while perhaps I'll write a post on it and let you know more.