New rule for entering Giveaways

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I was recently able to read a breakdown of facebook’s policy on third-party (e.g. blog) giveaways the things they do and don’t allow in regards to using their platform in order to gain entries into the giveaway.  I’ve realized I need to change one of my entry options in order to be in accordance with their policies.  I’m sorry, but you can no longer post a status update about the giveaway in order to gain an entry into the giveaway.  I did this because I realize that not all my readers have blogs or twitter accounts and I wanted the giveaway to include all readers fairly. 

I have posted a new way to gain entry in an attempt to include those who don’t blog or use twitter.  You may now refer others to my giveaways (providing that is a stated option).  When your referred friend enters please leave a comment with their first name and last initial.  Currently you may refer as many friends as you’d like.

As of right now this entry is only an option on my giveaway.

If you find anything wrong or unfair about this type of entry please let me know in a comment–just keep it polite.  If you have any suggestions for an entry that doesn’t require blogging or twitter feel free to leave a comment.  I’m always open to suggestions.


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  1. Bummer, but good for you for staying "legal" :).
  2. Yeah! Good for you doing the right thing. :)