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I was recently contacted by some wonderful people with a wonderful purpose.  TippingBucket  is a social philanthrophy that is setting out to prove we really can change the world just one drop in the bucket at a time.  At TippingBucket no one is too small, no donation too little to make a difference. 

Here’s a little overview of what they’re all about!

“ makes it possible for anyone–the 16-year-old struggling to pass trig for the 2nd time, the college freshman living off Ramen, the single mom working 2 jobs to pay the rent–ANYONE to change the world, with just $1 at a time.

As the only major online portal to accept and even encourage micro-donations, we invite everyone to “be the change with their spare change.”

One world-changing project at a time goes “in the bucket” with a financial tipping point and a deadline. Project partners use social media to rally donors to their cause and each “drop in the bucket” donation brings them closer to their goal. If the bucket tips before time runs out, pledged donations are collected and the project moves forward. If not, none of the transactions are processed and the next project gets its turn in the bucket.

Hence our tagline, ‘Change the World or Your Money Back!'”

Tipping Bucket is an incredible organization that has been able to do so much in the short time they’ve been up and running. To date, they have restored eyesight to Ugandans, lit up rural African schools that didn’t have electricity, and provided support and vocational training to victims of sex-trafficking in Southeast Asia.

Tipping Bucket helps passionately charged people with great ideas but limited resources make those ideas come to life. They do this through many small donations from people with big hearts.
All of this is building up to me telling you that Tipping Bucket is entered into the Pepsi Refresh competition for November. They are in the category to win a $250,000 grant that will help them expand their organization and increase their ability to fund more projects.

Help us help them win!

It’s easy:

  1. Tell your friends. (Link to this post, to the Tipping Bucket website, blog/tweet/facebook it. Don’t be shy, you social media mavens you)
  2. VOTE: At you can vote 3x/day. Click the two links on the website and text “104182” to 73774(PEPSI) EACH day in November. 
  3. Click on the “Vote for this idea” button on the widget below.  I will be placing the widget on my blog so you can vote every time you visit!

Thank you in advance! Every vote counts!
*If you’re inspired and would like to join the “street team” helping to make this happen, just send your name and email address to Tipping Bucket will send you a daily 2-minute-task email and update you on our progress toward seizing this great opportunity!
**If you’d like to receive a reminder text each day throughout November send “22046” to 27138

If you’d like to help change the world all it takes is a click (or 3 a day).  If you are feeling financially generous visit to find out how you can donate.
I’d love to know what you think of TippingBucket!  Feel free to leave any comments or questions!


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