Happy Thanksgiving!…and Happy Birthday to Me!

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Hey all!  I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Eat lots of yummy food. If you are traveling, be safe!  If you are in Utah, watch out for the eminent “blizzard”.  I’ll be taking the day off on Thursday to enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities with my family and to celebrate my birthday!  Hooray!  Once every 7 years I get to celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving, and this year is it!  I’m also turning the big 3-0!  So it’s super exciting!

And now, in honor of my third decade, a little nostalgia…

Awww…cute little Amy

And we wonder why Big Brother is so skinny!  He gets it from his mom.

Thanksgiving 1999.  Waimea Canyon, Kauai (I’m in the middle)

Thanksgiving 2001. London

Not Thanksgiving, but still memorable…Honeymoon 2005.

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  1. Jennifer V. says
    Happy birthday and Thanksgiving!!!! Have a fantastic weekend! :)
  2. So cute. Thanks for stopping by. Followed ur blog.
    Happy birthday and Thanksgiving!!!!
  3. I'm a new follower from Rachel's Giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Turkey 30 Birthday!
  4. I love those first two pictures!! Brings back so many memories ;). Enjoy your nice big birthday dinner! Love you!
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We're thankful for You! Btw: Put a wig on Big Brother and ... picture # 2, above.
  6. Happy birthday!!

    Thanks for linking up at my Relax and Make Friends Blog Hop - I'm already a follower :)
  7. Mike Thayer says
    Happy Birthday! Wish we could all be together for Thanksgiving. See you in a few weeks. Awesome pics!
  8. I agree with Mom - photo #2 is the spitting image of Big Brother! We're excited to see you soon - hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  9. I know I am so late with this but Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one! Love the pictures, it's so fun to see pictures from when people were little!