Cute Holiday Greeting Cards at Shutterfly!

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Every year I vow that I’m going to be better and send out a family Christmas card.  And most years I fail miserably.  The last year I sent out Christmas cards was a couple of years ago…ah, those fateful Christmas cards.  I had just picked up the family pictures for our Christmas cards from Costco and was in my car exiting the parking lot.  I was stopped in the turn lane to make a left turn when I was slammed into from behind.  Now, I don’t blame the cards for that experience, but since then I have not made the attempt to do all the running around I needed to to get our cards done and mailed.
Well, I’m turning a new leaf this year.  I AM determined to send out Christmas cards!  And I’m not even going to leave my home to do it!  I’m getting my Christmas cards from Shutterfly!  When I was searching through Shutterfly’s site I was astounded by the number of cards you have to choose from.  My absolute favorites are their Holiday Story Cards. Here are some examples:
This is the one I’m going to order!  Don’t worry we’ll put pictures of our own children in before I actually order it!
You can get beautiful Holiday cards like this one for as little as $ .32 per card. 
I love that you can upload photos directly to the site and then customize the card with your own text (on certain cards)!  Yeah!  I love it when I can get thing like this done without having to be driving all over creation.  Oh, and another cool thing, most of the paper Shutterfly uses (like their 110 lb. cardstock) is sustainably forested! 

Shutterfly also offers a wide array of photo gifts including calendars and invitations!

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  1. Quinn and Suzanne says
    Oh I wish I'd known about these before I made ours at Costco! I love that you can tell a little about your family's year on these--it's just so much warmer and more personal than "Happy Holidays!"
    Oh well, maybe next year.
  2. Super cute cards. I haven't sent out christmas cards for a few years either. I think the last one was the one you took in front of your christmas tree! Maybe I'll join you in turning over a new leaf this year.... hmm....
  3. Crystal Escobar says
    Oh cool, I was planning on posting about them too to get my free 50 Christmas cards :)
  4. Nice! I think we are going to send out new years cards so that new baby can be included in them. It just seems silly to send out a picture of the family without little one when it she is so close to making her appearance. I hope they still have cute things like this when I am ready to make mine!
  5. @Crystal, gotta pay for all the holiday expenses somehow. :)
    @Karlyn, that's a great idea. I'm sure they have tons of cute ones to choose from!
  6. Julie Harris says
    Love getting these type of cards! Much more personal!