AppleCheeks Diaper ~Review~

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 Recently I had the opportunity to try AppleCheeks cloth diapers and…I am in LOVE!  Before I give you the lowdown on my experience with AppleCheeks let me give you a little background on the company.
The Company
AppleCheeks was started by two Canadian moms Ilana Grostern and Amy Appleton Venu. Ilana and Amy first met in 2004 when their mutual midwife connected them. They went into business together not long afterwards, and opened a retail store in January 2007. They sold cloth diapers at the time but were not happy with the level of support they were limited to offering their customers as retailers so they decided it was time to launch their own diapering line! Their goal is to not only offer a top notch product that REALLY works, but to also support it to the extent that thier customers require. This kind of support is SO rare in the industry and they’re so happy to be able to share their many years of personal experience along with solutions based on feedback from thousands of satisfied customers!
You can learn even more about all things AppleCheeks on the official AppleCheeks blog!
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The Diaper
 AppleCheeks Diapers also feature:
• A handy envelope opening, wide enough for daddy’s hands, which allows for the option of placing the absorbent inner between the fleece and the waterproof outer layer if so desired.
• A more generous and longer lasting fit than other similar styles on the market. Size 1 fits from 7 – 20lbs, and Size 2 fits from 18 – 40lbs. All weight ranges are approximate.
• The ultimate cloth diapering solution!
AppleCheeks™ covers feature a unique envelope design, similar to a pocket diaper, but with NO NEED TO UNSTUFF. The absorbent inserts come right out in the wash!
My Experience:
Our AppleCheeks got the ultimate test run.  Little Brother was sick with a stomach virus for the first week and a half we were using this diaper.  I can safely say that I am amazed at how well this diaper contained even his ickiest messes.  Often with our other diapers, if Little Brother has a particularly messy diaper, a little poop will get out of the diaper and onto his inner thighs.  Totally not so with AppleCheeks!  Yes, ultimate success!  The elastic is nice and tight around the thighs and back of the waist, though amazingly not so tight as to leave any marks, so that when he had one of his sick baby messy diapers there was a nice line right down the leg gusset, where the elastic hits, of messy diaper on one side and completely clean gusset on the other. 
The trifold bamboo-rayon insert is so soft that you can lay the insert on top of the microfleece for an All-In-Two diaper–that way you can use the cover more than once before you have to wash it (as long as the inserts are only pee-pee, that is).  Little Brother has SUPER sensitve skin so I prefer to use this diaper as an All-In-One in order to have the stay dry micofleece against his skin.
The crotch in the diaper is much more trim than in our gDiapers making for a trimmer fit in the front.  The back is a little more puffy, but that is because Little Brother is at the very bottom of the weight range for Size 2. 
I LOVE the elastic in the front of the diapers!  This gives both skinny and chubby babies the most optimal fit.
AppleCheeks also sent me a package of their flushable diaper liners.  I love these!  They make messy diapers much less messy to deal with–also perfect for the beginner cloth diaperer.  You simply tear one off the roll lay the liner toward the rear of the diaper (they are on the shorter side, but that didn’t seem to matter if you put it in the right place), and when the baby has a messy diaper you simply dump the flushable liner into the toilet.  It really cuts down on dunking or spraying.  🙂  
The Cons: In my opinion there is really only one con.  The price.  These diapers retail for around $19 for the shell only, and around $27 if you buy the bamboo rayon insert with it.
The Husbands Analysis: these are his new favorites!

If you’d love to try AppleCheeks, or if you already know you love them and would love to buy more, head on over to Abby’sLane where AppleCheeks are on CLEARANCE for 20% off with FREE SHIPPING!  I may have just bought a couple last night! 
Hurry, cause there aren’t very many left!

 Disclosure:  Thank you so much to the lovely ladies of AppleCheeks for providing me this diaper to review!  All opinions are my own.


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  1. What a great product! The elastic front is such a great idea! The flushable diaper liners are also a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Crystal Escobar says
    Oh you are so brave to try the cloth diapers :) I've been so tempted many times. I really need to make more of an effort to be green.
  3. I never got the point of the liners. My loss it sounds like. I will definitely keep these in mind the next time I need to buy cloth diapers. I really like that they are two sizes fit all.
  4. I love the just two sizes! They are still pretty trim too. As far as the disposable liners go. You don't really need them when the poop is pretty solid, but I would have loved to have some when Little Brother was on formula only. They're also great for dads or even mom's who don't want to have to do any rinsing, spraying or scraping.