Fun Halloween Pumpkin Lights

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This oh, so cute Halloween activity comes to you from Melly at  She has a TON of cute crafts that are appropriate for a wide range of ages.
I love these pumpkin luminaries because they look like they’d be super simple and something I could do with my preschooler.


•2 Krylon Fusion for Plastic – spray paint one yellow/one orange
•2 2-liter empty plastic soda bottles
•Parchment Paper
•Xacto knife
•Adhesive remover
•2 flameless candles
•Paper towels
•Rubber Gloves (optional)

1.Peel label from empty plastic soda bottle (pre-soak in dish water for best results). Use adhesive remover and a paper towel to remove any residue.
2.Wash soda bottles thoroughly and dry completely.
3.Using Xacto knife, carefully cut off top of bottle. Cut a half-circle out of the back, near the bottom; this will make it easier to add the sand and the candle.
4.Draw facial features on contact paper and cut out. Adhere features to the soda bottle, being careful to firmly seal edges with fingernail.
5.Cover work area with newspaper(outside workspace is best for spay paint). Spray soda bottles with paint – one with orange and the other with yellow.
6.When completely dry, carefully peel off contact paper features. (paint will be dry to touch after 15 minutes but should be allowed to cure for at least 24 hours)
7.Add sand to base for weight and insert flameless candle.


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