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Berry Smoothie!
The Husband says it looks like he just devoured an antelope. Not so yummy.
Big Brother, or Spiderman in this instance, loves berry smoothies.  He is a super picky eater (aren’t most 3 year olds?) so when he asks for a berry smoothie I am happy to oblige.  The great thing about them is they take all of three or so minutes to whip up.  Just in case this isn’t already a favorite in your house here is the recipe:
1 cup or so of frozen berries (Costco carries nice big bags of ’em, but you can also get them at the grocery store)

3-4 oz. Yogurt 

Juice–Apple, Orange, just about any juice will do.  Use however much you need to make the smoothie the consistency you like.

Blend and enjoy!


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  1. So cute! Love the spiderman outfit. The smoothie sounds yummy!! Easy and healthy, gotta love that! : )
  2. Love this pic! He looks more like rudolph than Spiderman! Definitely going to try the smoothie recipe with my little guy too.
  3. Too cute! At least he likes healthy smoothies :)
  4. NeKisha Rowe says
    This is essentially what we had tonight as well, only I use milk instead of juice and always add at least one banana. There is something about the texture that bananas add to a smoothie that I miss when I don't use them. They seem to make it more creamy. I like you husband's comment. Typical 'man' humor!
  5. I usally add spinach to ths for a green drinnk...my boys like it too!
  6. What a cutie!! We love smoothies but we like to put ice in the blender with the other ingredients