It’s getting to know you time!

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1.     What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch?
Well, when I was younger I was a devout figure skating fan.  Now I’m married and The Husband thinks figure skating is too intense =)
So I now like Swimming and Beach Volleyball
Ski Jumping
2.     What is your favorite funny thing your kids do?
Big Brother is obsessed with
1) Dressing up every day
Batman and Robin having a tea party
2) Wearing gloves (every day!)
Don’t know what he was supposed to be
Every time we go to the doctor’s office he asks for a pair of gloves.
And, yes, he does wear the cape and gloves everywhere we go.
3.     How do you decide what makes the budget and what gets cut?
Well, to be honest, we don’t make a budget.  We’ve found that, given the fact that, as a student, The Husband makes so little and the amount he earns in in constant flux it is very difficult to maintain a budget. Instead we track our expenses so we know what areas we can cut back on.  It’s amazing.  You don’t really have any idea of how much you actually spend on stuff til you track your expenses for a couple months.
What almost always gets cut back?  Eating out!  It’s amazing how much even a frugal family can spend on that in a month!
4. What is your favorite food?
Ohhh, I’m all about the ethnic food!  My absolute favorite is Indian/Tandoori.  I also love Thai and sushi!
5.  Where do you like to shop for toddler clothes?
The Children’s Place
I love their style.
I love their clearance prices.
I love that you can always get a 15% off coupon or code.
I love their Place Perks Rewards ($10 off coupon every time you spend $75)
Pile up the clearance price, 15% off and Place Perks and it’s always a sweet deal!

Polo shirt, Sunglasses, hat. I love TCP!
6.  What’s the #1 thing all new moms should know?
The Internet can answer almost any parenting question you have!
Babies are all so different and when you have a question or problem with the baby it is great to have the experiences of hundreds of parents who have dealt with the same issue in different ways right at your fingertips.   You can sift through and find a solution that you think will fit your parenting style and your child’s temperament.
7.  What is your favorite kind of ice cream?
Bryer”s Mint Chocolate Chip



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  1. I asked the people at Children's Place and then confirmed it on the Place Perk's website: turns out Place Perks is a special offer only extended to a few select of the Children's Place best costumers. Lucky you Amy.

    As a side note, what program did you use to get your fridge? I'd like to see if we qualify.
  2. Such a fun post! Swimming is one of my favorites too (could be because I was a swimmer)! Love the Children's Place. They have the cutes clothes and as you said the best deals! Love the Batman and Robin tea party, so cute!