It’s getting to know you time!

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Being that this blog is relatively new, a lot of you probably don’t really know much about me.  And even if you do already know me I’m sure there are some random and obscure things about me you’ve just been dying to know.  So I thought we’d have a little fun!  You may ask me any question(s) you’d like.  Make them as serious or hilarious as you’d like, only keep them appropriate please.  You can post a maximum of 3 questions.  Once I reach 12 questions I’ll make a post answering them all.  Have fun!

Also, it’s Tuesday blog hop time!

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Amy is mom to three, wife to one, and a sister and aunt to many. Her family is a former military family now settled in Lehi, Utah. Oh So Savvy Mom began as a way for Amy to share parenting and product advice with others. Just as she has evolved, Oh So Savvy Mom has evolved into a resource for Healthy Living for Families, Food, Parenting, and Family Travel.


  1. Hi Amy! What a fun post!

    1. What is the number one thing you think all new moms should know?
    2. What is your favorite kind of ice cream?
    3. What is your guilty pleasure?
  2. Hrm... Let's see...

    1) How do you decide what makes the budget and what gets cut?

    2) What is your favorite funny thing your kid(s) do?
  3. 1. what is your favorite olympic sport to watch?
    2. what is your favorite treat/dessert?
    3. where would your dream vacation be?
  4. Hi Amy!
    Thanks for visiting "Mrs. NoNo Knows"! I'm following you back! Hope you will stop back often and put in your two cents.
    Carla aka Mrs. NoNo
    Mrs. NoNo Knows

    PS - Congrats on your new button, it's beautiful...I haven't learned how to do that yet either, but it's soemthing I'm looking forward to! :)