Free "Seven Everyday Slings" baby sling!

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For a limited time Seven Everyday Slings is offering a free baby sling with the promo code BABIES !  Go to, click on “Shop Now”, select the baby sling you would like and you will automatically be repositioned to the center of the page where you can enter in the promo code! Type in babies and it will bring your product total to $0!

The slings are cotton lycra blend, can carry infants to toddlers under 35 lbs., and are made in the cutest patterns!

I am not sure how long this promotion will last, but you can use the code more than once – you just have to open a new browser/window to do so.

This promotion gives you 1 baby sling for $0 + S&H or 1 gift set for $5 + S&H! This promotion code is valid once per transaction, so you can order as many times as you would like!  (S&H is approx. $12)

Happy Shopping!

(BTW these are not the same type of slings that were involved in the recent recall.)


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  1. We got our free sling in the mail on Saturday. The pattern is cute, and the seams are super simple! I'm not sure we like it as much as the other slings we use, and I don't know how they ever plan to sell them at full price (you could literally sew one of these with about 80 cents worth of fabric), but it is nice to keep in the diaper bag in case we forget one of our nicer slings.
  2. Thanks, Amy! I will never need it, but I ordered one for a gift, and I think I might order another, too!
  3. Thanks guys!
  4. Hey Amy. I have one more question about cloth diapering - do you buy all of your Joey Bunz inserts in one size?
  5. Jami,
    I buy them sized. I never bought the small size Joey Bunz (I used the gDiaper cloth inserts), but I will be buying the small Joey bunz for my next child. The size medium Joey bunz fit both the medium and large gDiapers. I also bought some microfleece to act as a stay-dry liner. I cut it to the size of the diaper and simply lay it over. I ordered mine from , but I think now that fall and winter are coming on Walmart and Joanns and other fabric stores should carry it (you can also use regular fleece, it is just slightly bulkier).