Cloth Diapering Part IV–The Planet Wise Wet Bag

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Well folks, this post will wrap up my first cloth diapering series.  I know, I know, you thought this day would never come.  I have to apologize for letting it drag out for so long.  There is just so much to post about when you are starting a blog!

So you want to cloth diaper, you’ve learned some of the basics, and now you’re thinking, “what the heck am I going to do with the smelly things ’til I wash them?”  Never fear, Planet Wise has you covered!  I am amazed that I found this great product without first having to try scores of the not so greats.

I had heard of the wet pail method and dry pails, but neither of those suited my needs–or wants.  Plus, with hybrid diapers you don’t need a large pail to fit the dirties.  It was at the height of my desperation to find something better that I happened upon the Planet Wise Wet Bags on Diaper Junction’s site.  I joined their mailing list (’cause you get a code for free shipping when you do) and purchased the Large (18 in x 21 in) Wet Bag in Aqua Swirl, and, I have to say, I’ve been nothing but happy with it.  It fits 2.5 days worth of diapers which is how often I prefer to wash dipes. *Note: I am talking 2.5 days worth of hybrid diaper e.g. gDiapers, not 2.5 days worth of All-In-Ones.  If you have more bulk in your diapering system than a hybrid system has don’t worry Planet Wise has other products you will love.

The patterns they have to choose from are so cute that you won’t mind having your bag where people can see it.  We don’t use a changing table so I just have the bag hanging (the large bags have a convenient handle on one end) on the bedroom door.  The bag is made of a PVC-free waterproof inner layer and cloth outer layer.  The bag zips shut on top, locking in the smell.  When the bag is shut there literally is no odor leakage.  When laundry time comes just dump the contents of the bag into the washer.  You can even machine wash the bag!

So there you have it!  Cloth diapering is no longer a thing of the past, and the cloth diapers that are on the market today are not the cloth diapers your mom diapered with.

I’d love to hear your comments on what you think about cloth diapering.

To purchase the Planet Wise Wet Bag visit Diaper Junction or
To see more Planet Wise products visit Planet Wise Inc.
You can enter to win a Planet Wise bag here


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  1. I finally got back into cloth diapering again. I always fall out during morning sickness. I forget how satisfying it is. Don't quite know why, but it is. I do use disposable diapers at night since I cannot seem to find a cloth method that works though the whole night (and I have tried many). I also usually end up using 1-3 disposable diapers during the week to fill in the gap while I am washing the others (I do need to enlarge my stock, but that is waiting a bit). I am very happy with the Thirsties Sleeve diapers with an added soaker to it. I have been able to use the size 2 for the past 6 months and I plan on potty training soon so I won't need to find anything bigger. I LOVE that planet wise bag and almost got it, but my practical side took over and said I already had two that worked just fine and I didn't need another. Darn that practical side! :). Thanks for all the info!
  2. So Karlyn, someone just posted this on gDiapers facebook page. They said that for nighttime diapering they went to the automotive section of walmart and bought some microfiber cloths (about $5 for a pack of 8 cloths). Double it up and put it in the diaper. You can probably even put it in with a regular insert. She said it stays put well and she hasn't had any leaks since.
  3. Whoa, what a weird idea, but those things are SUPER absorbent! I wonder if they would still get that ammonia smell that seems so common with night diapers. Might be worth a try. I am trying to figure out what to do with the tons of night time diapers I just bought and am very dissatisfied with because they don't seem to do much more than the regular disposables. Oh well.