Bring on the Screamin’ Deals!

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My family lives on a small income.  A REALLY small income.  I am a stay at home mom, my husband is a full-time PhD student in his 4th year, we have two kids.  It’s no wonder I’ve become somewhat skilled at finding a great deal.  I say “somewhat” because I do have a life beyond my deal-seeking.  I’m not a zealot who dedicates my whole life to clipping every coupon and driving to every store in town to get the best prices on cereal.  I’m not the person who will buy 57 boxes of Mac and Cheese or 17 bottles of salad dressing just because it was on sale and I had 57 coupons that I found who knows where.  I like to think of myself as deal savvy.  I’ve got kids and my time with them is important.  In order to qualify as a deal it has to be worth my time, and it’s a screamin’ deal if it really doesn’t require my time.
So here are my favorite places to find “Screamin’ Deals”~
  • Groupon

    All I have to say is “Dude (yes, I just said dude) if you haven’t signed up yet what are you waiting for?!”  It’s free.  There are no catches.  You get an AWESOME screamin’ daily deal like the deal we bought for the Gap sent straight to your inbox.  The Husband and I bought $100 of Gap gift certificates for $40.  Yeah, you read that right.  The Gap groupon was $25 for $50 worth of Gap merchandise.  The Husband and I each bought one, and I had a $10 referral credit.  I’ve purchased a few other Groupons and have been sorely tempted to purchase many others.  So sign up with Groupon.  Enjoy the love and then share the love!  

  •  City Deals 

    City Deals is like Groupon in that you’ve got local businesses offering their services (dining, entertainment, shopping, and even hotels) at a deeply discounted rate, but instead of the deal a day they have hundreds of local deals every day! As with Groupon, you can accrue referral credits to use towards an even Screamin’er deal.

  • Slick Deals

    Slick Deals is great for moms and dads alike.  My brother-in-law, who is quite the deal finder himself, introduced me to Slick Deals.  Slick Deals has a daily list of deals that companies and merchants are currently offering on their websites.  Though they seem to specialize in all things tech there are tons of other deals listed. Thanks to slick deals, yesterday I purchased Sarah McLachlan’s new album (mp3) “Laws of Illusion” from for $3.99. Slick Deals is super handy around Black Friday and the holidays.  Oh, and you don’t have to sign up to use their services.

  • RetailMeNot 

    Whenever I’m shopping at on online retailer there are two places I go (other than the retailer) before I make my purchase. 1) Ebates (to learn more about Ebates see my previous post on it) 2) RetailMeNot.  At RetailMeNot I can usually find a coupon code that will either discount my order enough to cover the cost that I’m going to pay in shipping (I will rarely buy something online if I have to pay for shipping), or, if the site has free shipping, will simply make the total cost of my order an even Screamin’er deal.

    So have a little fun and save a boat-load of money while you are at it!

    What are your favorite ways or places to find great deals?

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    1. I too love Groupon. I have bought a few things from it and would have LOVED to buy more, but then that would defeat the purpose of using it to save money :). Next I have to say I currently love Amazon's Mom club that you posted about a week or so ago. Yeah, I just bought a box of 180 diapers for $25 total! I just hope I will be able to use those 180 diapers (if not I will give them to you :) ).

      I think my next favorite places or Kohls with a Kohls charge card (awesome coupons to use on top of awesome sales, and no fee) and Kid to Kid Resale store.

      I missed your Ebates post, but I am about to read it. Thanks for the links!