The Compelling Reasons I Chose to Cloth Diaper

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I almost don’t even remember how I got the cloth diaper bug.  I think it all started with an article I read somewhere about the great amount of waste disposable diapers create.  For instance, did you know that the average child, from birth to 2.5 years, will use 5412 disposable diapers, (that is based on the modest estimate of 6 diapers a day)?  That converts to about 2 tons of waste!  All of those diapers go to a landfill where they will take hundreds of years to decompose. 

Well, this not only made me very disgusted, but it got me thinking, and I decided to look into cloth diapering.  I found out that, in addition to the obvious, enormous environmental benefits of cloth, there is also a substantial economic benefit.  Given the same estimate of 5412 diapers for 2.5 years, you will be spending $1353 (at $.25 per diaper) on disposables.   If your child doesn’t potty train until later you will be spending even more. 🙂

*Note: the cost of wipes vary so much by brand, retailer, and quantity purchased that I did not even attempt to factor in their cost, but it is also a cost to consider.

The cost to purchase a set cloth diapers can vary greatly, from about $200-$400 for the entire time your child is in diapers.  According to a consumer reports estimate, water, energy, and detergent cost will be around $.61 per load of laundry.  Most cloth diapering parents wash about 3x per week.  This comes out to be an added $95.16 a year or $237.90 for 2.5 years.  Total savings:  $815 for the first child, $1115 for each additional child.

This was enough to convince me to at least give cloth diapers a shot.  I told myself that I’d buy the small size and see how I liked it.  Wow!  Was I surprised!  Cloth diapers were so easy!  When I was breast feeding I simply threw all the diapers–messy as well as pee pee–into my diaper laundry bag, threw them into the wash, hung them to dry (or threw them in the dryer), and put them away.  It literally only takes an extra 30 minutes a week.  As Miles began to outgrow the small size I decided to try the next size up and see how that worked out.  He is on formula now and I thought the whole dumping stuff into the toilet would gross me out, but I’ve come to find out I seriously underestimated my veteran-mom-skills for tolerating otherwise disgusting things.   I’m a true cloth diaper convert, and I’m oh so proud to show off Miles and his cute little cloth bum!

In the next few posts I’ll introduce some products that have made my cloth diapering experience great.  

Before I leave off, I want to add that the decision to use cloth or disposables is a personal one depending on personal opinions, factors, and circumstances.  I, personally, chose to cloth diaper this time around, and I respect everyone’s right diaper their children how they choose.  🙂

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