It’s all in the “g”. My love of gDiapers revealed

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Finding the right cloth diaper to use for your baby without actually being able to see or try the product out can feel kind of like buying a car without going for a test drive.  Unfortunately, where I live, there were not to my knowledge, any stores that sold cloth diapers.  However, thanks to resourceful, blogging moms, I found a wealth of information covering the various cloth diaper brands and how-to’s right at my fingertips. After searching through various blogs I was able to narrow down my wants.  I wanted a cloth diaper with a trim fit; I didn’t want the bulkiness I call “cloth diaper butt” that you can’t fit the appropriate sized pants over, and I wanted something so easy that I could convince The Husband–who I can’t say was thrilled about all of this–to use too.

Well, I found what I was looking for and I can say that, after 6 months of use, I love my gDiapers!  gDiapers are what the cloth diapering world calls a hybrid diaper, meaning that you have the option of using a flushable liner or a cloth liner inside.  The thing about the gDiaper that first caught my eye is that, instead of the plastic-looking waterproof (PUL) outer layer, the gDiaper has an oh-so-cute cloth cover.  I love the wide elastic waist band.  It keeps the diaper from bunching up in the back.  The covers come in fun, bright, solid colors, a few cute prints, and some of the girl styles even have ruffles sewn on!  gDiapers certainly take the cake for cuteness!

 cloth cover,  waterproof snap-in liner,  cloth insert

Inside the cover is a waterproof, snap-in liner.  This keeps the cloth cover dry and contains messes.  The liner holds the cloth or flushable insert.  Because the diaper is three parts you only need to wash the parts that get dirty.  Less bulk in the laundry=more water conservation!

All put together!


So, there you have it!  Aren’t gDiapers awesome?

Pros:  Sooo cute!, trim fit, easy to use, dad friendly, Little Guy has never had a blow-out while wearing a gDiaper (he’s had his share in disposables), less water to wash!
Cons: The velcro on some of the covers wore out fast.  That said, gDiapers has excellent customer service and will send you new velcro free of charge should you need it.

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