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   gDiapers Everyday g’s 
So, just wanted to get the word out, is having a big sale!  30+ items are marked down including…gDiapers! has the Everyday g’s (6-pack, includes 6 covers and 6 liners) marked down from $101 to $69.99!  Their gDiapers Sweet Bundle (6 little gPants and 4 biodegradable/flushable gRefill packs) is marked down from $137 to $99! Both of these sets are great starter packs, if you are just getting into cloth diapering, or would be wonderful additions to a stash if you are already an established cloth diaperer.

     gDiapers Sweet Bundle 
What, you ask, makes this the deal of all deals?  Well, remember yesterday’s post about Ebates?  If you aren’t yet signed up with Ebates click on the link, sign up, and you’ll get $5 cash back for making your 1st purchase through their portal.  Once you are on the Ebates page search for  Clicking on it will take you to the website.  Say you want to purchase the Everyday g’s (don’t worry you can really purchase anything you want =).  Add it, and anything else you want, to your cart. When you are ready to check out simply type the code THIR3755 into the field that says “Promotional or Referral Code/Email” for 15% off your entire order.

Let’s take a look at where that brings us.  Were you to purchase a pack of Everyday g’s using all the discount specified the 6 Little gPants would end up costing $54.50–not bad considering that the Little gPants retail for $16.99 each!  That’s a savings of $47.44!  Now, were you to purchase the Sweet Bundle using all the discounts specified it would end up costing $79.15 for a savings of $78.79!  You are going to be hard-pressed to find a better deal on gDiapers.

Just a few things to remember in order to get this deal:

  • you must be a new member of Ebates in order to receive the $5 bonus
  • you must go to the website through the Ebates portal
  • you must be a new customer at and use the code THIR3755 in order to receive the 15% discount

Happy Shopping!


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  1. How many sets do you recommend buying and in what sizes for a baby's first year?
  2. Good question Jami! The size small is 8-14 lbs. This size fit Little Brother until he was about 4 months. He has a bit of a chubby belly though so, depending on the size of the baby, the small will fit for between 3 1/2 and 6 months. The mediums fit from 13-28 lbs. They will most babies until 18-24 months! You can see what a great investment gDiapers are, particularly when they get to the medium size.
    As far as how many go, in my experience, we needed more than six covers for the size small (though we made do with 6). I like to wash every third day. If I'd washed every other day then 6 probably would have been adequate. Those newborns poop a LOT and it's runny so the covers often get dirty. In the future I'd probably like 8 or 9 covers.
    We have 7 now in the mediums and I only need about 3, sometimes 4 before I wash. A set of 6 is perfect because you have clean covers to use while the others are in the wash.